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                       THE VIRTUOSOS

   Helmut Scholz, Geige  -  Katherine Toy,  Akkordeon 

                                                     Foto: Bob Drummond


You want to see this, you know, wonderful, brilliant. "

                                                  BBC, Radio 2, Ken Bruce

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The Virtuosos

Katherine Toy and Helmut Scholz are a unique duo. Their repertoire runs from Bach, Verracini and Händel, encompassing eastern European music, tango (including Piazzola), to original compositions.

Both artists work independently as well as together, in theatre,
and for concerts, galas, receptions, parties and events.

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Katherine Toy und Helmut Scholz sind zwei Künstler, die als Musiker und Schauspieler ein weltweit einzigartiges Duo bilden.

Das Repertoire der VIRTUOSOS reicht von Bach, Verracini und Händel über osteuropäische Zigeunermusik und Tangos (auch Piazzolla) bis zu Eigenkompositionen.

Beide Künstler arbeiten sowohl einzeln als auch im Duo in den Bereichen Theater und Musik : Konzerte, Galas, Empfänge, Events Hochzeiten etc.


                                                     Foto: Bob Drummond

                                                                  Foto : Lance

                                                                Foto :  Lance

Wednesday, 2 January 2008The Virtuosos There is no way to describe violinist Helmut Scholz and accordion player Katherine Toy other than as virtuosos so the name that they have chosen with which to label themselves is perfectly apt.

They are indeed an unconventional duo. Mr Scholz, an elderly and much-bearded gentleman, seems the physical manifestation of some sort of mad, passion frenzied, whimsical and fiery violin solo. When he takes to the stage he does not perform as a man playing a violin but as the body of the music, dancing with all of his being, white hair flying.

Katherine Toy has herself been likened to an Aubrey Beardsley illustration. There might be some charming menace about her but also a wonderful sincerity and seriousness in her performance.

Most beautiful of all is the relationship shared by this striking couple on stage: One can tell the respect and understanding they hold of each other, predicting one-anothers movements and reacting in sympathy.

They play a wide repertoire from Bach to Handel to classical tango to eastern gypsy music and their own splendid compositions as well.

Though I was fortunate enough to witness their marvellousness yesterday evening there are no future dates currently listed on their website. However, they do have contact numbers and I would highly recommend getting in touch with these extraordinary and beautiful musicians should you be planning any extraordinary and beautiful events.Posted by Cassandra Solon-Parry at 08:21  

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